Drought Tolerant Landscaping Updated: Apr 5, 2022

In order to conserve water, the City of Santa Fe Springs encourages replacing your existing lawn with drought tolerant landscaping. The City Code, however, requires the entire front and street side yards (except approved driveways and walkways) to be landscaped with live plant material. The key factor is that you have a complete ground cover. The County of Los Angeles has prepared guidelines to assist residents with planting drought tolerant landscaping. A copy of the Los Angeles County guidelines can be found here. The City has also prepared a drought tolerant landscaping guide which shows homeowners how to convert their landscaping with native plants. A copy of the City's guidelines can be found by clicking on the image below.

There are a variety of drought tolerant ground covers that will fill in the front yard to meet the City's codes and achieve your goal to reduce water consumption. Drought tolerant landscaping need not be cactus and rocks as there are plenty of California natives and California-friendly plants that are colorful and beautiful year-round. Native and California-friendly plants are attractive, help conserve water, and also restore biodiversity by providing habitat, attracting beneficial insects, birds, and butterflies. There are many reasons to consider a shift in landscaping practices, from the water-intensive lawns, often requiring pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, to beautiful and beneficial plants well adapted to out lovely Mediterranean coastal climate. 


Do Your Part, Be Water Smart, Every Drop Counts. 

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is offering residential and commercial turf removal incentives. For more information visit http://socalwatersmart.com/ or call 888-376-3314.

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