Community Services Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Maricela Balderas
Director of Community Services

The Department of Community Services is comprised of three multidisciplinary and integrated divisions, which include the Divisions of Family & Human Services, Library & Cultural Services, and Administration. In a collaborative and interdependent approach, the Department of Community Services provides a wide array of program offerings and services to Santa Fe Springs residents. Its mission is to continually assess the educational, cultural, health and wellness, and social needs to the community and design Library, Recreation, and Social Services Programs to meet these needs; provide these services in a professional, courteous, and ethical manner; strive to meet the needs of the physically and mentally-challenged individuals and their families; promote the value of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the community; foster volunteerism; and join other departments to carry forth the City's mission. 

There are new Park Ordinance rules going into effect starting on Monday, February 11, 2019. Please click on the link to view: Park Ordinance Article

Community Services Administration
The Administration Division provides guidance and leadership to a multidisciplinary team composed of three divisions to address community needs, conduct community problem solving and implement City Council goals and priorities relating to leisure, social, cultural and library services to the community. It also provides general administration support to the overall Department of Community Services through centralized coordination of the operational budget, capital improvement projects, publicity and promotions, as well as overall professional development. In particular, the Community Services Administration directly manages the public art and art education program, the health and wellness initiative, and the volunteer program. 

Family & Human Services Division
The Family & Human Services (FHS) Division works collaboratively in an integrated services approach to provide essential human services to residents in Santa Fe Springs in the the areas of child care and development services, older adult services, family services, social services and case management. In partnership with community-based services providers, the Division of Family and Human Services promotes and supports the well being and healthy development of the community. It cultivates and promotes the importance of family unity, and intergenerational connections. This division also oversees the Clarke Estate and Heritage Park, including all programs and events taking place at these facilities as well as facility rentals.  

Library & Cultural Services Division

The Library and Cultural Services Division works collaboratively in an integrated services approach to meet the educational, leisure and cultural needs of the residents in Santa Fe Springs. Amongst the traditional program offerings found in a public library, the Division of Library and Cultural Services takes great pride in offering state of the art technology for our patrons. The City Library is also responsible for managing assets needed to provide professional reference service; non-traditional cultural programs such as First Friday and vital literacy projects. The library also provides spaces for a full service café concession. The Library has a total circulation of 135,000 materials, 30,000 registered borrowers and 160,000 visits per year. The Library also oversees the Carriage Barn and its programming including school tours and the docent program.

If you have any questions regarding the Department of Community Services,
please contact us at (562) 692-0261

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