Planning & Zoning Updated: Jun 26, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

As an interested citizen, how do I convey my opinions about a proposal/project?
All public hearings are open to the public to appear and give testimony.  Testimony can include written correspondence or a statement made at the public hearing.  Any correspondence provided to staff will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and/or City Council as part of the evidence of the case.  All pertinent correspondence should be routed through the Community Development staff.
Can you tell me where my property lines are located?
Unfortunately, it is the property owners’ responsibility to determine where the property lines are.  Unless the property was previously surveyed (would have a coin-like marking on or near the curb), you will need to hire a land surveyor to help you determine the location of your property lines.
Do I need a license or permit to run a business out of my house?
Yes, provided that you can comply with the requirements set forth in Section 155.635 of the City’s Zoning Regulations.  Please note that you will need to get both a Business License and a Home Occupation Permit.  Please contact Micah Herd at (562) 868-0511 x7590 for information relating to a Business License and the Community Development for information relating to a Home Occupation Permit and/or requirements identified in Section 155.635 of the City’s Zoning Regulations.
Do I need Community Development Department approval for the change I am proposing to my commercial/industrial?
In general, any change which may alter the site plan or changes/additions to the exterior of the building will require a review of the site plan, elevations and/or landscape plans by the Community Development Department.  This includes, but is not limited to, building additions, changes to existing parking layout, generator or equipment placement on the ground, new structures, façade changes to the building, etc.  Please contact the Community Development Department to determine if the changes proposed will require site plan approval and the appropriate process.
How close to the property line can I build?
Setback requirements vary depending on the property’s zoning and type of structure being built.  Contact the Community Development Department to verify the zoning regulations and the development standards for your property. You can also view the City’s Zoning Regulations online.
How do I find Zoning of my property?
You can find out the zoning of your property by calling the Community Development Department. You can also view the zoning map online.  We still recommend that you call the Community Development Department to verify if the information is correct and that no recent zone change has occurred on the property.
How do I request a zoning verification letter?
To submit a formal request, please mail a letter to the Community Development Department along with a check for the current fee.  At minimum, the letter should identify the property address, information being requested, who the letter should be addressed to, and where the letter should be sent.  The current fee is $105.00 (per address), checks shall be made payable to the City of Santa Fe Springs.  Please note that the turnaround time for a zoning verification letter is approximately 3-4 weeks.
How high can a fence be on my property?
Fence heights vary depending on the property’s zoning.  Contact the Community Development Department to verify the height limitations and if any design restrictions apply to your property.
How often does the Planning Commission meet?
The City’s Planning Commission meets once a month on the second Mondays of every month.  In instances where the Monday falls on a city recognized holiday, Planning Commission meetings are generally held on the following day.
What do I do if I didn't find the answer to my question?

If your question related to Planning & Zoning isn't listed above, please call the Community Development Department at (562) 868-0511, ext. 7550 or you may send us your question at

What is difference between Community Development Department approval and a Building Permit?
Most improvements to property require BOTH a Community Development Department approval and a Building Permit from the Building Department. The Community Development Department approval focuses on the use/improvement appropriateness for the subject property based on the City's zoning regulations. The Building Permit review process focuses on the safety of the structure to ensure that the requirements of the current Building Code and other uniform codes such as Fire, Plumbing, and Electrical are met. Most building permits cannot be issued until Community Development approval for the proposed project is obtained.