Measure S Updated: Apr 24, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the City Council place Measure S on the ballot?
The City of Santa Fe Springs has prided itself on its excellent quality of life and business-friendly environment.  Our City is committed to continuing to provide the quality public safety, senior, youth, and other essential programs residents rely upon. Sacramento's elimination of redevelopment agency funding had a devastating impact upon Santa Fe Springs.  Measure S will maintain funding for these vital community services by ensuring that the entire community – including companies extracting oil from within the City – pay their fair share as we recover from the recent economic downturn.
What has the City done to save money?
The City has already implemented savings by reducing employee salaries; instituting employee lay-offs, furlough days, and hiring freezes; and by reducing and streamlining many programs and services.
How does Measure S address these challenges?
Measure S simply updates the tax rate for companies extracting oil from the City of Santa Fe Springs and is not a property or homeowner tax.  This oil barrel rate has not changed in over twenty years.  If enacted Measure S will generate the funding necessary to maintain essential City services such as:

-Maintaining rapid 9-1-1 response times and firefighter services

-Maintaining the number of police officers proactively patrolling neighborhoods, parks and schools

-Maintaining the City's ability to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters such as earthquakes

-Preserving youth after-school recreation, anti-gang, and anti-drug prevention programs

-Continuing health, nutrition, and transportation programs for local seniors
How do we know Measure S funds will be spent responsibly?
If enacted, all funds generated by this measure must be spent locally for the benefit of the Santa Fe Springs community, not for other purposes.  All funds generated will continue to be subject to annual independent audits.
How can I get more information about Measure S?
As we continue to address the fiscal challenges, we will work hard to keep you informed of City actions.  Please call the City Manager’s office at 409-7510 if you have questions or comments.