Code Enforcement - Residential Updated: Apr 24, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Notice of Violation Allowing a Specified Day to Correct Certain Violations, but I Need More Time.
It is possible to get an extension of time. Extensions are granted on a case by case basis. It is best to contact the Code Enforcement Officer handling your case, as they have first hand knowledge of the violations that exist at your property.  The Code Officer's name can be found on the front page of your Notice. Please have the property address available when contacting the Code Enforcement Officer.Please call (562) 409-1850 for further assitance.
Garage/Yard Sale Signs
Garage/yard sale signs should only be posted in your front yard. Signs of any kind are not allowed to be posted, stapled, taped or otherwise attached to any light pole, trees, street sign, or signal light. Signs are also not allowed on vehicles. Signs removed by the City will be destroyed immediately and your privileges for future garage/yard sales may be terminated.
Where Can I Display Residential Signs?
Signs displayed for the sale of a residential unit are permitted to be placed only on the property that is for sale. The maximum sign size is 4’ x 6’. Signs, banners, balloons, flags or other similar displays are not permitted on private property, public right-of-ways, medians, street lights, poles, or on vehicles. Signs will be removed without warning.
Are Temporary Canopies and/or Canopy Structures Permitted in the City?
Temporary canopies and/or canopy structures are not permitted within the City of Santa Fe Springs due to the fact that they are a violation of the City Zoning Ordinance, the Los Angeles County Building Code and the Uniform Fire Code.  If you have any questions regarding temporary canopies and/or canopy structures, please contact Code Enforcement at (562)409-1850.
Can I Place a Temporary Swimming Pool within my Front and/or Side Yards?
Placing a temporary swimming pool within the front and/or side yards is not allowed within the City of Santa Fe Springs and is a violation of City Zoning Ordinance.  Please contact the Department of Police Services for further details at (562)409-1850.
Can I put a Storage Shed up in my Backyard?
A storage shed is allowed within your rear yard setbacks.  The shed can not be larger than 120 square feet and must be set 3 feet away from any adjoining property line.  Please contact Department of Planning and Development for further setback requirements at 868-0511 ext. 7550.
My Neighbor's Rear Yard is a Disaster Area. What Can be Done?

A notice cannot be sent without first inspecting the property. If the violations cannot be seen from the public right of way, the property owner/occupant must give us consent to enter their property to conduct an inspection. 

A complaint can be filed by calling the Police Services Center at (562) 409-1850.

Be sure to provide the direct address of the property, and the specific violations that exist at the property. Complaints are investigated in the order they are received. Complaints posing an immediate health or safety hazard will take priority over general maintenance complaints.

Note: Reporting a violation can be sent anonymously. No contact information is required to report a violation. If you do choose to give us your name and phone number, that information will not be shared.

How Long Can I Leave my Trash Cans on the Street?
Refuse and recycling containers may not be placed on the curb, parkway, street, alley, or any other area near any residence earlier than 6:00pm on the day preceding regular collection, and may not remain after 6:00am on the day following collection.
What do I do if I Didn't Find the Answer to my Question?
If your question related to Code Enforcement isn't listed above, please call (562) 409-1850 or you may send us your question (or request) using MySFS.


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