Image Gallery Updated: Apr 24, 2024

1. Library Mural
2. Neighborhood Center Mural
3.World in my Hands
4. Completed Abstraction
5. A City Evolves - The Vaqueros
6. Eleven Markers for SFS
7. Sundance Springs
8. Soaring Dreams
9. Omni
10. Arte de los Niños
11. Santa Fe Springs Oranges
12. A City Evolves The Agrarians
13. Cargo
14. Cannonball
15.Fish Tails and Paint Pails
16. Charlotte
17. Dancing Gabrieleños
18. Renaissance
19. A City Evolves The Industrialists
20. On Track
21a. Fern Lantern
22b. Lily Pond Lantern
23c. Ripple Lantern
24d. Drop Lantern
25. Fossil Fountain
26. Steel Man and Band Wheel
27. Wicker Parlor
28. Pond Life
29. Pond Life
30.Pond Life
31.Pond Life
32.Pond Life
36. Vine
37.The Oilfield Workers
38.The Four Corners Photographs
39.Sunset Journey
40.Pathways to Industry
41.Maiastra Fountain
42.Eternal Springs
45.Watchful Spirits
46.Spirit of the Eagle
47.Once a Chief
49.Dancing Bear
51.Cactus Coyote
52.Table Tools and Tire Treads
54.The Wonder in all of Us
55.The Wonder in all of Us
56.The Wonder in all of Us
57.The Wonder in all of Us
58.Blue Bear and Friends
59.Kelp for Café Libro
62.Peacock Fountain
63.Industrial Surfer
64.Photo Album
63.Industrial Surfer
Reverence for an Era 1
Reverence for an Era 2
66.Grandpa's Little Slugger
68.An American Journey
71.125 Years
72.Community Portrait
73.The Founders Plaza-Time Relief
74.The Founders Plaza Bronze Capsule Cover
75.The Founders Plaza Orange Ball
77.Nuestra Historia
78.Remembering the Tongva Lanturns (Oak)
79.Remembering the Tongva Lanturns (Red Willow)
80.Remembering the Tongva Lanterns (Tule Reed)
Villages Project Mosaics Tule Reed
82.Villages Project Mosaics Red Willow
83.Villages Project Mosaics Egret
84.Villages Project Mosaics Coast Live Oak
85.Villages Project Mosaics White Sage
86.Water Trails
87.A Tribute to Cesar Chavez & Commemorative Plaque
88.Whispering Shadows
90.The Archer
91.Traffic Signal Cabinet Program
92.Traffic Signal Cabinet Program
93.Traffic Signal Cabinet Program
94.SFS Firemen's Memorial
95.Traffic Signal Cabinet Program
96.Traffic Signal Cabinet Program