Approvals Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Environmental Protection Division issues the following types of approvals:

  • Domestic Waste Clearance: Domestic wastes include any sanitary waste derived from ordinary living processes without special treatment into the public sewer or private disposal system. Domestic wastes include wastes originating from restrooms, lavatories, drinking fountains, hand sinks, etc. This approval requires two sets of plans. An operating permit will not be issued for this type of approval.
  • Industrial Waste Approval: Industrial wastes include all waste substances, liquid or solid, except domestic sewage, from any manufacturing, processing, institutional, commercial, or agricultural operation. An industrial waste approval may also require the installation of stormwater treatment devices. This approval requires four to six sets of plans. The number of plans required is determined by the type of operation and the location of the facility. For further information, browse our Obtaining Clearance page or contact this office.

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