Tips for Safeguarding Your Home This Summer
July 12, 2017  With summer comes vacation time, which is why it's especially crucial to safeguard your home. In order to minimize the chance of a home burglary and protect material possessions and personal information, here are some tips to practice:

Tip #1: Burglars love unlocked or open windows which signal that an alarm system is not activated. Make sure all doors and windows are secure before leaving your house.

Tip #2: Never ignore a knock on the door! Burglars will knock on doors and if there is no answer, they will usually kick in the front door or enter through the back door. Do not open the door, but let it be known that someone is home.

Tip #3: Set up the illusion of a routine and occupancy by using light timers. However, keeping lights on constantly is a dead giveaway that you are out of town.

Tip #4: Alarm systems are effective and posting company alarm signs and window decals are compelling deterrent for burglars.

Tip #5: Use home alarm system technology with visible cameras and video doorbells. These can serve as a deterrent.

Tip #6: Be a good neighbor and watch out for other neighbor’s homes. Establishing a trusting bond will help other neighbors return the favor if you ask when you are away.

For more information, visit Whitter Police Department.

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60th Anniversary Celebration - May 15th marks this City's incorporation! (video)
May 15, 2017  Click here for a brief historical video on how Santa Fe Springs was born.
(Video rights reserved/copyrighted by the SFS Chamber of Commerce & Industrial League Inc.
Funding was made possible through grants provided by Southern California Edison)

The City's Summer Quarterly Brochure has arrived!
April 25, 2017  The City's Summer Quarterly Brochure has arrived!  Please click on the link below for City news, upcoming 60th anniversary festivities, and class schedule.
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